What is Action Panel Editing?

Simple Control 5.5 has introduced Action Panel editing. Action Panels are the remote designs for your activities. You can now edit these Action Panels to add Modules, Trays and Edit Buttons.

What are modules?

Modules are the panels in an Action Panel. For example an Action Panel will have a Dpad Module or PlayPad Module. You can add more modules to a remote design so that you have constant access to the buttons found in that module. Keep in mind the end users when adding modules. You may want to use a Tray if the buttons are for more advanced users, so that the design remains user friendly for all users.

What are Trays?

Trays or Logo Trays are hidden panels which contain that devices buttons for your Action Panel. Select the logo to reveal the additional buttons. Swipe left or right to reveal more buttons. This is a good option for the advanced user where commands only need to be accessed on occasion.

Why Edit Buttons?

You can edit your buttons for an action panel so that not just that command is sent. The most common example of this is for activities where you want the lights to be set to a level when the play button is pressed. You may even create a Homebar Scene that you reference so that you only have to create the scene once for that room.

What happened to my Legacy Remote Design?

With the introduction of Action Panel Editing, as mentioned, Legacy Remote Designs have been removed. You can now recreate necessary designs using Action Panel Editing. Keep in mind that in Legacy we created a lot of designs for our smart home devices that are no longer needed with the introduction of Homebar and Homebar scenes.

See our User Guide for more information on Action Panel Editing