Can I control my older infrared devices?

Many older devices are supported, essentially all home theater components, via infrared control. Infrared is the technology used by the vast majority of consumer electronics components for the last few decades. It is the beam projecting from standard remote controls that you can’t actually see and is interpreted by your components.

iOS devices do not have the hardware to transmit infrared signals so an adapter is required in order to enable support for infrared devices. These adapters are available in the Store. The Simple Service adds as many devices as you need from the supported infrared devices shown here along with ongoing updates for the latest devices. A single Simple Blaster can control many devices. Emitter Cables control exactly one device, and a Blaster Cable controls any number of devices in line of sight with a ~25 foot range. Use the Triport Adapter available in the Store to connect separate Emitter and Blaster Cables including Extension Cables if needed to reach far away devices.

Serial (RS-232) devices are also supported via the same Simple Blaster adapters. Serial is a wired standard that allows live feedback such as the volume and other displays provided by Simple Control shown throughout our website. Such feedback is not possible via infrared as it is a one way technology. The list of supported serial devices shows which devices can be controlled. One Simple Blaster can control exactly one device via serial – using serial control precludes infrared control on the same adapter.