Can I use more than one iOS device?

Yes. Just like any other iOS application, it is linked to your Apple ID. Your Apple ID can be bound to up to 10 iOS devices, according to Apple. Your iPhone, your iPad, your child’s iPod Touch might all have apps bound to your Apple ID and thus be able to run any app you have purchased.

However, Family Sharing does not support the sharing of in-app purchases such as the Simple Service as they are tied to your Apple ID. There are three ways to share your Simple Service in-app purchase with your family members or guests. The first two require designating a Simple Hub, an always-on, dedicated iOS device that can also serve as one of your primary controllers (such as a Living Room iPad on a charger), or a dedicated tvOS device (should not also be used for content), or our macOS app running in the background on an always-on macOS device. Any of those three provide configuration synchronization via Simple Hub.

  1. Simple Control will share your in-app purchase paired with a hub and associated to your specific configuration. To do so, purchase the in-app purchase subscription inside the V5+ app in Settings > About. You must be paired with a designated Simple Hub, and the subscription must be made from the V5+ app – this method does not apply to subscriptions from older apps before Apple introduced the new subscription system in 2017. Once the in-app purchase is shared as part of your configuration, all paired devices for your hub will share that subscription.
  2. If you subscribe to Simple Service Unlimited, you can add user profiles to your home. Each family member needs a free Simple Control user account. With their own Simple Control account they can then be added as Guests to your home. This provides them access to your configuration, activates your Simple Service for them while controlling your configuration, and prevents them from editing the configuration. This is a more refined version of the above method that provides access control and permissions.
  3. For environments that choose not to designate a Simple Hub, first note that any use of more than 1 iOS device without a Simple Hub is not recommended and can run into many problems controlling devices that Simple Hub handles automatically. You may change an iOS device’s Apple ID temporarily and then install Simple Control from the App Store. Then, select Settings > About > Restore Purchases. Note that you do need to re-authenticate your Apple ID password on a regular basis to use this method even if it is not the signed-in Apple ID for the device configured in the iOS Settings application. So, this is only viable in a typical family scenario. The App Store also places additional limits on this so that it can only be performed a limited number of times. Here is a link to Apple’s support article on this topic.
  4. In some cases without a designated Simple Hub, multiple subscriptions may be the simplest solution. Any environment that wishes to synchronize configurations between multiple devices will need a Simple Hub anyway, so we recommend the first or second methods above.