Transferring Simple Service to Simple Control 5.0

The in-app purchase of the Simple Service only is transferrable from Simple Control Legacy and Simple Control Home to Simple Control 5.

To transfer your Simple Service from previous app versions you will need to install both the original app you made your in-app purchase with (Legacy/Home) and the Simple Control 5 app together. In the Legacy/Home app go to Settings, select Simple Store and select Restore Purchases, this will activate the Simple Service in the Simple Control 5 app.

When you activate Simple Service in Simple Control 5 from Simple Control Legacy/Home, your Simple Service 3 or Simple Service 20 will be automatically upgraded to Simple Service 10, and Simple Service 30 respectively.

Important: After you have activated a new subscription to Simple Service in Simple Control 5, you will need to manage your subscription for the Simple Service and disable auto-renewal for the old Legacy/Home app. At the time the subscription is due to renew you will need to purchase the Simple Service from within the Simple Control 5 app.