What is the cost of a complete solution?

Prices are listed here in USD. Actual prices may vary by currency in your country’s App Store. There is no additional charge for each iOS device assuming they all use the same Apple ID.

Purchase Price
Simple Control 5

App Store. Simple Service required. Free trial begins when you subscribe to the Simple Service.

Simple Service

In App Purchase. Simple Service enables all functionality of the app with the exception of the Unlimited-only features below. Simple Service has 5 levels based on the number of devices you plan to control. Simple Service can be shared between multiple iOS devices via Simple Hub.

Simple Service Unlimited Additional Features:

  • Unlimited Devices: No limit on number of controlled devices.
  • Multiple Homes: Switch easily between homes and control them remotely.
  • Users: Invite your integrator, significant other, children, or babysitter to control each location.
  • Permissions: Designate admin/editor/guest permissions for access to each location. Make sure the babysitter can’t delete your living room and your integrator has all the access needed to grow your configuration.
  • Integrators: Manage all of your client locations and edit them remotely. Reduce your truck rolls by easily switching to any client configuration to assist with usage or make changes right from the app.
10 Devices $1.99/mo
10 Devices $19.99/yr
30 Devices $29.99/yr
100 Devices $49.99/yr
Unlimited $99.99/yr
Simple Blaster – Infrared Transmitter

Typically, one Simple Blaster is needed per room for any room with infrared devices. Not necessary if you do not require infrared control.
Available in Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and PoE editions.

$99/room (optional)
Simple Control TV

Simple Control TV app for tvOS integrated as a Universal Purchase.

  • Video Camera Carousel.
  • AppleTV 4K support.
  • Watch LiveTV with an HDHomeRun.
  • Apple TV can be used as a Room iBeacon.
  • HomeKit Triggers.
  • HomeKit Cameras in the Cameras panel.
Free, Requires paired Simple Control for iOS.
Simple Hub

Simple Hub can be enabled on a dedicated iOS device with Guided Access enabled, a dedicated AppleTV 4/4K, or on macOS 10.12 or greater. You can pair your configuration with a hub device to enable the following features:

  • Encrypted, real-time synchronization of your configuration between iOS devices.
  • Remote Access.
  • Events based on timers and triggers.
  • Configuration lockdown.
  • Alexa Voice Control
  • Sharing of the Simple Service between multiple AppleID’s.